A look behind the scenes: This is how my AI artworks are created


The world of artificial intelligence has changed not only the way we work and live, but also the way we create and experience art.

In this blog post I would like to give you an insight into my work as an AI artist and explain how I create my artworks, which AI tools and technologies play a role in it, and how I ensure that they are unique and original .

What AI tools and technologies do I use?

My artworks are created using several versatile AI tools that offer a wide range of AI technologies for different artistic styles.

With these versatile AI tools, I can create images in different styles, be it painterly style, pencil style, photorealistic style or many others.

How do I go about creating a work of art?

The creative process begins with an idea.

This idea may come from my imagination or be inspired by a specific theme or motif.

Once the idea is solidified, I start using the AI ​​tool to create the desired image.

The image generation process can take several hours as the tool generates a wealth of possibilities.

Finally I choose the best picture.

What factors influence the appearance of my artwork?

The appearance of my works of art is significantly influenced by the style I choose and the underlying images or texts.

Whether a picture is abstract or realistic, whether it is in a certain style - all of these are crucial factors.

The more detailed and meaningful the images or texts used are, the more detailed and meaningful the resulting work of art will be.

How do I ensure my artwork is unique and original?

The uniqueness of my works of art is particularly important to me.

I ensure this by combining different AI technologies to increase the diversity of my works.

I also only use images and texts that have not been used by other artists.

Before publishing, I carefully check each image for errors or irregularities to ensure the highest quality.

What are my plans for the future of my AI art?

The future of AI art is bright and I plan to build a sustainable business in this field.

My long-term goal is to offer works of art for every person and every taste. Additionally, I plan to open my online shop as a platform for other artists to present their works.

In the near future I will also offer phone cases with printed art and a wide range of other products such as water bottles and calendars.

I hope this blog post has given you an exciting insight into my work as an AI artist. I warmly invite you to visit my artworks and share your thoughts and opinions.

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